A Sound of Thunder, New Album, New Kickstarter, New Song released!

Review Karad always look for ways to get the word out about one of my favorite metal bands.  Their new Kickstarter is certainly worth a post.  ASoT’s new kickstarter  smashed its 30K goal in just a couple of days, i believe some stretch goals are being added.  It’s still not too late to back this project.

One thing is sure for every ASoT kickstarter, you will get great music, well packaged, well engineered.  The band take great care in taking care of their fans and kickstarter backers.  Albums with professional artwork, liner notes, lyrics.  Sometimes personal notes from the band.  Not only are they great musicians, they are very approachable in person.

One of the tracks you will only get if you back the kickstarter seems to be generating a lot of attention.  Although the track was laid down and in the can a year ago, it has relevance today.  ASoT released the following slightly modified and very metal version of the Catalonian Anthem today.  It appears to be generating a head of steam and the views keep going up.

I think everyday is a day to support art and beauty and creativity, and every day I try to.  I love music and it’s literally under attack.  If not this Kickstarter, go find something and back it. Spend a little money on someone’s dreams and passion.  I know you won’t be disappointed.

RIP John Warren Geils, Jr: Freeze Frame // J. Geils Band

We haven’t posted much in awhile, so the passing of John Geils warrants our waking. What to say about The J. Geils Band? With only a few hits and a short mainstream horizon, its hard to argue that the band was influential. Yet, those few hits still hold up and are highly enjoyable to this day. The J. Geils band typified the post-punk-meets-pop universe of the early 80’s, when these spots called “music videos” were the next big thing. They may not have defined the era, but it wouldn’t have been the same without them. RIP John Warren Geils, Jr.

July Talk! DC9


Reviewer Karad kicked off his concert year at DC9 with the fabulous July Talk.   Highlights for me were; Gun’s & Ammunition, Paper Girl, Lola & Joseph as well as Touch.  That being said I don’t think July Talk has a bad song and they were all enhanced by the energy and chemistry of playing live.  This show also happened to occur on the 13th anniversary of DC9, so champagne was had by all.  This was a nice touch from the management.  Seeing an act like this at a club like DC9 is what it’s all about.  Support your small venues and new artists!